Making Fayette County a Safer Place to Live and Work

Tools and scholarships

Fayette Fire Foundation provides Fayette County Firefighters with tools and scholarships

By Alexander Cain

They are there when you need them, and they are there when you need them the most.

The Fayette County Fire Department was given a boost at the June 10th Fayette County Commissioners meeting with the presentation of Leatherman Raptor Rescue tools to Fayette County Fire personnel.

 “Some of them already have one. They use it on a daily basis. We purchased one for everybody to use on calls or wherever they need to use it. It is six tools in one,” Fayette County Fire Chief Jeff Hill stated to the Board.

A Leatherman Raptor Rescue tool is essentially foldable stainless-steel scissors (shears) that work as a multi-purpose tool for emergency services personnel.

The presentation of the tools to fire personnel came because of the Fayette Fire Foundation purchasing 160 of the items for Fayette County emergency services workers.

In existence since 2015, Fayette Fire Foundation (FFF) is a 501(c)3 organization supporting the Fayette Department of Fire and Emergency services through donations of equipment and training for the department and community. The total cost for the purchase of 160 Leatherman Raptor Rescue tools came at $8,390.

The FFF can purchase such high amounts through fundraising events each year.

“For the Fayette Fire Foundation, the fire chief presents things that he feels will be useful in the department, so that was one of the tools that they came up with. Fayette Fire Foundation Chair Vicki Turner stated. “When we give something to the fire department we usually go before the county commissioners so they can see all of what we are doing.”

The FFF did a little more at the June 10th meeting when they also provided ten Fayette Fire personnel with individual $2,000 scholarships to assist with their educational goals and needs. Nine of the ten firefighters were present.

“We started our scholarship in 2016. It’s all in the line of duty. We want them to have the best education so that they can provide the best services for the community,” Turner said.

How long a fire fighter had worked in the department, their title and their grade point averages were among conditions required, according to Turner.

Chelsea McBrayer, Tammy Lackey, Willard Harrison, Brandon Gibby, Jaclyn Rice, Jason Anderson, Nathan Byers, Zachary Bull, Jennifer Brown and Zachary Taylor were this year’s recipients of a FFF scholarship.

“From the Foundation’s standpoint we are so pleased with this, and I know everybody in the county will too,” Turner said.