Making Fayette County a Safer Place to Live and Work

Our Mission


The Fayette Fire Foundation, Inc. (hereinafter “Foundation”) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit foundation. Its mission is to aid, support, and assist, by gifts, contributions or otherwise, Fayette County Fire and Emergency Services.

Board of Directors

The composition of the Officers and Board of Directors of the Foundation shall be consistent with the Bylaws of Fayette Fire Foundation, Inc. The Board of Directors will meet periodically and will discuss and vote on expenditures and projects that will enhance and improve the ability of the Fayette County Fire and Emergency Services, and its personnel, to provide fire and emergency medical services to the community and be consistent with Georgia and federal law nonprofit requirements. Decisions on expenditures and projects will be performed by vote by the Board of Directors as per the bylaws and all meetings and decisions will be recorded by written minutes by the Secretary.


The Treasurer of the Foundation will be responsible for keeping an accurate accounting of all financial transactions conducted by the foundation. The foundation will accept donations from the public, individuals, and corporate sponsors. The Foundation will also conduct fundraising activities within the community. All fundraiser activities will be approved by the Board of Directors and the Department’s administration. All expended funds will be used in accordance with the stated purpose of the Foundation and will be approved by the Board of Directors by majority vote.

Initiatives and Programs

Develop special programs such as, but not limited to, community awareness, smoke detector giveaways and installations, fire safety education programs, and assist with the purchase of a new fire safety education home/mobile unit.