Making Fayette County a Safer Place to Live and Work

Our Accomplishments

Thank you for all you have done to help the Fayette Fire Foundation! Here are some things we have been able to accomplish because of you!


  • Purchased 9 Video Laryngoscopes for Ambulances and Squad vehicles
  • Established the Maurice Worth Memorial Scholarship to increase fire service-related educational opportunities for employees of the department


  • Purchased 3 LUCUS CPR Devise‚Äôs for ambulance units
  • Received $5000 from Rose Lee Worth for the Maurice Worth Memorial Scholarship


  • Purchased 4 Wheel Drive UTV (Utility Task Vehicle)
  • Received $28,083 check from Fayette County Kiwanis Club to assist with UTV purchase
  • Received $1000 from Mabel W. Wilbanks Living Trust


  • Purchased 7 Thermal Image Cameras for $17,700
  • Purchased 146 Helmet flashlights for $11,680
  • Scholarships for firefighter education over several years